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Guide and inspiration

Below you can see each step from the guidebook as well as inspiration for what the tools can provide in terms of designs - Remember to ask us if there is anything you are in doubt about. 

1. Draw and find inspiration

(1.2) If you have chosen a ring - Measure your ring size.

(1.2) How to Saw - Saw the ring to fit your ring size

(1.3) If you have chosen a pendant - Decide where the hole for the pendant should be and let our staff know 

2. Shape - File

3. Sandpaper - quite rough and sharp corners

4. Stamp pressure 

5. Drawing machine

7. If you make a ring - Bend the ring round 

8. Polishing - Let the staff polish your silver

9. Oxidation - dark look 

9. Legal 925 stamp - done!

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